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Disconnecting PFC on Dialarc

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  • Disconnecting PFC on Dialarc

    I have a older Dialarc 250P AC/DC. Has anyone disconnected the power factor capacitors (PFC) on a Dialarc? If so how did you do it and how does the machine work with the capacitors disconnected? I hear you can simply remove the two wires feeding the capacitors and it will work as a straight 250 machine and drop the idle amperage considerably.

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    If you read though this thread it should help you decide what to do with your Dialarc. I am considering an automatic switching PFC like the one done in this thread since I am running an Idealarc on a 40 amp breaker. It hasn't tripped the breaker yet but if it does I may have to get creative.
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      Before you disconnect, check your electric meter. Compare the load of the Dialarc at idle to say the clothes dryer. These capacitors don't actually use much electricity. Think of them as truck springs. They absorb then give back. At idle I suspect your cost is minimal, only the inefficiency lost as heat.
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