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MIG trigger is too sensitive for me

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  • MIG trigger is too sensitive for me

    The MIG trigger is too sensitive for me. With gloves on i can actuate the trigger when setting up a weld start point or moving to q new location. This retults in a blast of wire making contact with thing I do not want to weld. Is there a way to increase the pressure required to actuate the trigger?
    Thanks all Skip

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    if we knew what type of rig you have, we may come up with a solution, welcome to the forum


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      Welcome to the forum Skip.
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        Originally posted by kevin View Post
        if we knew what type of rig you have, we may come up with a solution, welcome to the forum
        That might help a bunch, but one possible way would be to install a stiffer spring behind the trigger.


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          A fix

          Take the handle apart and spread the contacts out with some needle nose. That's how we get a lite trigger pull by bending them closer together . Should fix your problem.


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            How can we give you any useful advice if you have not given us the make and model of MIG gun??

            They are all different... some have microswitches.. some have flat brass springs... others yet again different... useless to try and guess till you give us more info..

            MAKE?? MODEL??
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              Keep your finger off the trigger when you're not welding, hope to **** for the safety of anyone around you you don't own a handgun.
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                it may be too sensitive or...maybe you are using extra heavy stiff gloves?

                without the model as other said we can feed you infinitely with various suggestions


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                  since we dont know what you have, we could assume that you have one of them 99 buck specials at h f , where the wire is always hot, it is not one of them, i hope


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                    Wear thinner gloves. Those heavy stick arc gloves give you no feel. Look at the tillman mig gloves or something similar.. If you are using a miller mig gum, you can disassemble the red switch, and there is a spring in there. You can pull it apart slightly, but in all the triggers I have had, i have never had a spring issue. Try another similar gun at the LWS to see if it is a lot different than yours, if so, then order a new one. Sometimes dirt will get inside the switch, not allowing it to fully open, might look into that.


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                      I occasionally have the same problem with the original offering GA-20 gun on my MM200.

                      Easiest fix is to condition yourself to hold your trigger finger straight out along the side of the gun instead of leaving it hovering over the trigger when repositioning.
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