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Setting up a Bobcat for scratch tig

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  • Setting up a Bobcat for scratch tig

    Have access to a Bobcat 225 that I am considering setting up for DC scratch tig without putting too much money into it, definitely don't want to spend the money on an HF unit. Pretty much have everything to get it done, reg, torch, except for the current control. What I have is a CK finger tip controller wired for a Lincoln, six pin I believe. Has anyone heard of or have a schematic for a pigtail/adapter that will allow me to use this on the Bobcat without too much trouble? Also, any comments on scratch tig would be appreciated. TIA

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    Make it easy on yourself. Hook up a dry torch rig DCSP. Set the Bobcat for CC and pick a starting current: 180 amps for 3/16" material. Match the tungsten to your material: 3/32" OR 1/8" 2% thoriated should be fine. Use a sharp point. Strike the tungsten like a match and this will initiate the arc. Make your weld and pull the tungsten away quickly to break the arc. Make sure your weld end is sound and run towards the side before breaking the arc. This is a DC only procedure. You won't be able to do AC aluminum without a HF and stabilizer unit. Forget the current control pig tails, etc. Set your amperage at the machine and let it rock. I can tell you how to DC scratch start tig aluminum if you want to learn. It's almost always a have to case. It used to be taught as an acceptable process in some tech schools many years ago.

    You have an interesting email address. Are you a gunsmith?


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      glokdoc: What Hawk says is true. Have tig welded with a bobcat plenty this way. One way to set amps also is whatever I can run 7018lowhi with I just swap leads and tig. It's usually within 5 either way. Like 3/32 lo hi runs good for me at 85 then swap leads and start tigging. If problem with starting the arc then flip it to the rabbit and go. Revpol