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  • Practicing Stick

    My son and I have been practicing our stick welding. We are both new to stick welding, we have been tig and mig welding for a couple years, but just started trying stick a few days ago. We are making progress but we still need lots of practice and work.

    Would like to hear some pointers/tips on what we maybe can do to make our welding better.

    6010 on top
    7018 in the middle
    and 6013 on bottom

    Some 6013 slag curl...60 amps/Dig 30%/DC+

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    thats about right, they look good, that is the best way to learn, forget about the out of position welding at this point, keep with running stringers, mastering this will take a while. but when you have it behind you, every thing else will fall into place. if you can get real thick plates of steel, it will make things easier, you will have more weld time before it over heats, and, when it does, hose it down with h20. dont be afraid of using a grinder to remove a bad weld or excessive spatter, keep running beads, keeping them close together and straight, pay attention to your rod angle, plan your weld before you start, body position is very important, be aware of what happens when you have poor body placement, example, your other hand/arm gets in the way, or you lost sight of the puddle. dont be in too much of a hurry to move on, this is where you will learn the basics of which will be challenged/used on every weld


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      Good start. Suggest taking a straight piece a scrap and grinding some parallel lines across your plate. Practice both on a scribed line and along side it. Helps with consistency.


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        Thanks for the tips/help