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The Dreaded COFFEE Shakes!

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    I have degenerative bone loss in my upper and lower spine which sure hasn't helped steady my hands over the years. As mentioned I would cut out the coffee for a couple of days and see if that helps, If not might want to see your doctor. By the way nice looking welds.



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      Originally posted by tommy2069 View Post
      my wife has essential tremors and was prescribed enderol it worked so so .she went back to the dr and they put her on klonopin and that worked the best. but the best thing that worked was weed. now that it's being legalized by just about every state I feel a lot of people will turn to it instead of taking pills for pain and wifes hands shake so bad sometimes she can't even sign her name. if you live in a state where weed is legal for medical use you might wanna look into it. and no im not some weed head trying to get people to smoke weed .I deal with severe back and neck pain resulting from an on the job injury. I take way to many pain meds just to have a somewhat regular day.i also tried smoking some when I didn't have the money to fill my meds and it worked pretty good not 100 percent pain free but it got rid of most of the painmy pain meds cost me around 500 bucks a month not to mention all the damage they are doing to my liver and other organs.
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          If you're a regular coffee drinker and you quit cold turkey, expect headaches for a while. Caffeine with drawls always give me a low grade headache.