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  • RFC 23A Foot Pedal

    Looking for a RFC 23A foot pedal for my Dialarc HF-P. Anybody know of any places to purchase one used that's not going to break the bank? I haven't seen a used one for sale for under$175. I understand they're almost $400 new. But ****. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. Mike

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      Originally posted by Blackmarket View Post
      Ebay is probably your best bet..

      do a search on there "Miller Pedal" and sort through the results..

      I see them fairy often.. but they are getting rarer...

      they have been out of production for 30+ years...

      Another option might be to get your hands on a Miller Mic-4 adapter

      then you could run a standard RFCS-14 pedal..

      here is an old thread on the subject..
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        I used an RFC-14 pedal that I got for $30.00 used and replaced the large resistor and the two plugs with the correct parts for the RFC-23 and wired it as an RFC-23. All the parts are the same other than the resistor, the plugs and the schematic. the Miller parts were only $70.00, a nearly new RFC-23 for $100.00! The RFC-14 pedals seem easier to find and mine has worked great on a DIALARC-HF-P for years
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          Originally posted by H80N View Post
          Another option might be to get your hands on a Miller Mic-4 adapter
          Trouble is, they're VERY hard to find and command a proud price.

          If you ever run across one . . .
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            Thanks guys for all the info. I think I might look into the re-wiring rfc 14 option. A buddy seems to think he has a resistor sitting around. We'll see what happens. Thanks again.