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  • cv/cc

    I understand what they mean and kinda how the voltage works. However the other day the wrong welding truck was taken out to me, cv does not work on this machine. No rod on the truck, and I had a ton of welding to complete. I'm using 045 212 innershield. I played with the heat on regular cc welding, suitcase was set on cc, running around 100 amps with wire speed set around 260-280, I finally got it welding good. It was making some decent looking welds. I know quite is designed to wells on cv voltage. Thoughts and opinions? Educate me

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    i have been doing this trade for close to 40 years and still cant tell one from the other, but i know what they do, one is set up for stick welding, volts and amps are adjusted with 1 knob, lever ect, the amp/volt range/curve is built into the machine, so you cant change volts with out changing amps too. the other is set up for wire feed, volts are controlled by a knob and amps are also controlled by a separate knob, allowing the operator to set his volts, and then set his amps or wire speed so it matches the volt setting, meaning, if using a mig with shielding gas and hard wire, you will get that crackling sound of frying steak in a pan


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      Here is Lincoln's explanation: