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Mig flaming arc

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  • Mig flaming arc

    I have had a Trailerblazer 280NT and used it with a spoolmatic for years, but after buying a Super SP32 which was more "portable" to other welders and allowed the large spools I sold the spoolmatic. The other day I tried to hook up and weld with the Super sp32. I had terrible luck getting it to work. The arc keeps jumping up the wire and blowing it out.
    I have tried both CV and CC modes as settable in unit. Also tried electrode both negative and positive.

    I must be setting something wrong. But no matter what I tried it still flames out.

    Any ideas on what is set wrong.

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    280NT Wire

    I suppose you have selected "Wire " on the Process Select Switch and that you have connected the POS and Neg. leads to the "wire" terminal and work lead connectors as appropriate?

    I remember once having an issue trying to use Wire and having the feeder accidentally connected to the TIG/Stick positive terminal. Wouldn't work for ___-!Till I figured out who to blame for the misconnection.

    Start over and reconnect your feeder and re do the front panel settings for "wire"

    Check the settings on your feeder as well. If they are set correctly you may have a drive problem in your feeder. Had that happen in a MM350. Burnt contact tips like crazy till Miller techs figured the problem out.

    You can call the Miller techs also. They are REALLY helpful at solving issues like this.

    Mustangs Forever!

    Miller equipment.