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AD vs Passive helmet, working the puddle.

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  • AD vs Passive helmet, working the puddle.

    I have a Northertool AD helmet that is on its last legs. I also have a generic fixed filter helmet from Praxair. I find that with the fixed filter I get a better view of the puddle and can better manage the bead and gauge the amount of heat that is building up before burning through.

    The AD works well but it is more of just watching the arc and seeing where I am going. The color is just different.

    Are there different AD filters that do a better job of showing the bead and the glow of the metal?

    I have spent many years welding with oxy\acetylene, its all i had, the fixed helmet give me a very similar view, so maybe its just me.


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    Yes there are lens' that give different clarity, in the end its just gonna come down to personal preference. The only time I use my Chicago electric AD is if I'm doin an overhead test or if I'm seriously out of pos.


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        So far I have killed off 2 autodark hoods. Neither gave me the clarity that my gold lens passive hoods do so I gave up on autodark. I did buy a flip hood with battery powered fan for repetitious work that holds a gold lens and magnifier. I got it from Cherokee Industries. I also have a miller coolmate hood for hot summer days with #10 giant lens and machine gun ratchet pivots that I hate but use on hot days.

        My favorite passive hoods are the Jackson/Huntsman 411P and 711P. The have catches top and bottom and silky smooth slides when flipping up and down. Takes a while to break in and smoothout but they last for decades. I have 4 now, 1ea 411P with #2 magnifier, 2ea 711P with #2 magnifier, 1ea 711P no maginifier. And the chin-flip Cherokee hood with #2 magnifier.

        I really like the gold lenses from Phillips safety products using the german Schot glass.

        My AD hoods that fried after a decade were an Optrel variable shade solarmatic, and an arc one insert #10. Both had some degree of distortion. I do hear the 3M AD hoods are very good and very clear. I just can't fathom the price tags of them right now.
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