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Cracked engine blocks

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  • Cracked engine blocks

    Recently, a friend asked me to try to weld a small crack on the side of a 1948 international tractor engine block. He doesn't want to strip it down, so it can't be safely preheated whole or stress relieved. Is there a process of TIG or arc welding that is approved for this application? I have the Miller Dynasty 200DX and PipePro at my disposal. Thanks, pd543boom

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    Try tigging uphill with a good NI filler. Perhaps this will yield a cleaner puddle. You can try to bevel with a carbide tipped die grinder to minimize contamination as opposed to a grinding disc. Stick welding with a 55% or 99% 3/32" rod is a possibility-use short runs ( an inch or so at a time). What about drilling the crack ends to prevent further runs? Will the engine run? There may be a source for preheat. Good question and good luck!!!

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