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Trailblazer will not charge the battery...

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  • Trailblazer will not charge the battery...

    Hi, I recently replaced the Kohler CH23S engine with a new short block on my 2007 Trailblazer 302. It runs and welds great until the battery runs down (maybe 5 days worth of welding) then it wont weld properly and no longer displays volts/amps. I replaced the battery with a new one and same results and the original battery still takes and holds a charge. I've never hooked it up backwards or jump started it. I have two rectifiers one new and one old. I'm reading the AC voltage from the stater but I'm thinking it needs to be grounded for the DC? I read another thread where a guy was having the same issue but I don't know what his solution was. One poster mentions a ground tab for the rectifier which I think I have not installed if it's sort of an L shaped piece of stamped steel with two holes in it. He says it goes under the shroud but where? They also talk about it in the Kohler manual but don't show a picture of it or how to install it. Any insight would be much appreicated; I'd like to get the front cover put back on!

    Originally Posted by cruizer
    On the regulator the 2 outside terminals are the AC, the center one runs direct to the starter battery terminal. There is a 4th one that tends to fall out of place, That one is the metal tab that bolts to the engine. This one is under the shroud.

    Another problem area is the ground strap that runs from the engine to the frame. It tends to break as well, not much charging after that and poor starting

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    If you have 50 vac on the stator wires and your regulator is good the problem is probably the grounding strap. The strap runs from one of the bolts that holds your regulator on the shroud over to the screw on the engine block. Newer Kohlers just have a wire instead of a metal strap. So if you can't find the strap, just use a wire with eyelets. This will ground the regulator and allow it to charge. If the strap is in place clean it up. They get dirty and lose the ground.