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Stick Welding using an engine driven machine

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  • Stick Welding using an engine driven machine

    I am using a miller trailblazer 280 nt - 7018 1/8 rod....what are the proper a/v settings per thickness? for example, 1/8 material thickness = a/v?
    I am new to stick welding.
    Thanks for ya help

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    About 130-135 amps for the 1/8" 7018. It should have something on the rod box indicating the approximate amps to use for the rods inside. When all else fails, read the label.


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      Cable length and machines have a lot to do with where you need to be set at so get yourself to where the rod just barely quits sticking and give it another 5-10 amps, then chip your slag and look at how its flowing.

      To me the numbers show you where you need to go back to once you find where you like your machine to be set at for a given rod size.

      I have digital meters on my pipe pro with 150' ground and 190' of stinger and for 1/8" 7018 I like to be set at 115 - 121 amps.

      If you have a area in your cables that get hot meaning you have a bad connection, This too will affect things.

      Good luck


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        I run a Vantage 300 with 175 feet of cable, and usually run 1/8 7018 between 115 and 120 amps like PW and his Miller


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          Miller has an app that if you have a smartphone You can put in a material, material thickness, and process and it will give you the approximate ranges.
          Also I'm not sure about your Trailblazer but my Bobcat has a panel next to the outlets on the front of the machine that gives you all the ranges for common rods. I know the 280 nt is a different machine and the front panel is different but probably somewhere on the machine is a chart with those guidelines
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