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  • millermatic 135

    Hi Andy,Just got a 135 and what to know what her max capabilities are as far as thickness goes in a single pass and what wire to use.Thanks Greg G.

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    What RANGE of thicknesses will you want to weld? The MAX you can do with that machine is 3/16" and that's not a very conservative figure; it'll perform best up to a little more than 1/8". That said, I have welded crane rigging with one (an older 130) before, but that was multiple passes, and fighting the insane duty cycle, and with many, many years of experience. Sometimes it's amazing what you can do when your machine choice is really limited.

    I would recommend .030 wire if you want flexibility for thinner stuff as well. If you plan on welding thicker stuff exclusively, go ahead with .035 wire. This is assuming you are running it with shielding gas and solid wire. For flux-cored, I would go with .035 since you will be doing at least some thick stuff apparently.


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      Reply to MAC072

      Hey Mac thanks for the info. Thats what I figured . I was hoping to go 1//4 in the pinch if need be with some "super duper wire yet undiscovered" But Ill just make multiple passes . Its just rough garage stuff anyways.


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        MillerMatic 130

        I have a MillerMatic 130 at home that I've had for a few years. I also have a SynchroWave 300. I find I use the 130 for 90% of my needs. Truly a very useful "hot glue gun". I run 0.035" core sheild for darn near everything. I've welded 3/16" with great results, and occasionally have done 1/4" with good results as well. Yes, the machine's duty cycle of 20% would seem to be a big limitation. However, I've yet to run into the wall with this little unit. I just finished welding 10 dozen wolf traps that used 3/16" flat stock, in a production type manner. No problems at all. I've used it repair aluminum boats on the Yukon river, and snowmachine trailers outside at -20F.


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          The nice thing about FCAW is that you will get better penetration than with GMAW.

          Also, just because a welder isn't rated to do 1/4" doesn't mean that it won't stick two 1/4" pieces together. It just means that the root of the weld doesn't go to the bottom of the joint. Oftentimes this is not a big deal.

          I LIVED off of a Miller 130XP for two years. And I will never part with it, even after I had to replace the drive motor at $130