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miller 251 tb problem

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  • miller 251 tb problem

    Machine will run, when I strike up an arc, the machine idles down til it barely runs, and barely welds. What is the problem?

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    Let me see if I understand. When you strike an arc the machine bogs down almost to the point of stalling and will barely weld?

    Kohler or Onan engine?
    Does the machine sound like it's under a hard load or does it sound like the engine is just quitting?

    If the machine sounds like its under a load, you have a short.
    If it's the engine...Kohler. might have a push rod off or the jets in the carb are fouled.
    Onan..jets in the carb fouled.

    Really need more info.


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      Does it run on high, or idle. If on idle, does it idle up when you switch to run. Check the air filter? Oil? Carb linkage? Dashpot?


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        It can run on high idle as soon as I strike arc it pulls it down acts like it's going to die. It's the Onan engine. One time it ran wide open but couldn't hardly get arc out of it


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          Assuming all the linkages move freely, including the pivot point/spring return arm (mine froze up at one time), then i am guessing water in the fuel. Pull the carb bowl and cheek it out.