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  • 12vs problems

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and hoping that you guys are willing to help me with my issues. I have a 12vs that I'm running of a trailblazer 302 and cant get it to maintain an arc. I'm using .045 solid wire with 75/25 at it suggested setting and the wire wont arc, it turn red hot, breaks off and builds up like a pile of sticks. I've tried switching polarity and going back from cv to cc and I have the same results. The only luck I've had was running it off of my '83 aead200 where it bring up the voltage to around 50 and running wire feeder at 330 ipm. At those settings I'm able to maintain an arc, but it appears to just be melting the wire and not penetrating into the metal. If anyone has any suggestions or knows what may be the issue i would greatly appreciate the help, thank you.