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Do you always notice welds?

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  • Do you always notice welds?

    The only problem with knowing how to weld is that you are always noticing all of the welds that you encounter.
    The original factory welds on the exercise equipment are all excellent
    Attached are pictures of three repair welds that were made to the exercise equipment at the gym that I go to, which were somewhat lacking.
    Attached Files
    Miller Thunderbolt
    Smith Oxyacetylene Torch
    Miller Dynasty 200DX
    Lincoln SP-250 MIG Welder
    Lincoln LE 31 MP
    Lincoln 210 MP
    Clausing/Coldchester 15" Lathe
    16" DuAll Saw
    15" Drill Press
    7" x 9" Swivel Head Horizontal Band Saw
    20 Ton Arbor Press

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    Lawn mower decks aren't any better either. Looks like some kids that didn't know better did that work...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      Do you always notice welds?


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        I noticed bad welds on over priced utility trailers @ northern tool


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          Always, amusement parks are always fun, a lot of welds to look at.


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            Funny how that works....I used to be a tile setter....everywhere I went I would analyze the grout joint. Now as a hobbyist welder I am forever looking at welds.


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              I notice all welds and fab work. As a craftsman, I notice all type of work. Some good some bad. You can learn from both kinds.
              One quick example, I was working on some repair work, and rebuilding some forged doors recently. Got to chatting with the wood resto guy about hinges. I always assumed that they were set low to keep the screws away from the corners to avoid splitting. They are, but also so that the pins were remove able once the door is set and the casing applied. I found this out the hard way. I went to remove the welded in door and the pins wouldn't come out, as the 6" hinges were set 2" below the top of the door. Ended up cutting the pins into pieces to get to get them out. Always fun to do in a finished house.


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       doesn't matter what you do...weld, build cabinets, lay tile...whatever. You will ALWAYS be looking at things you see every day and evaluating/judging/noticing the work. I do it and it drives my wife nuts!! The other day we were in a Burger joint and I was looking at the welds on the aluminum stools and guessing the process used and whether the welds were done right or not, how they were done and talking about the weld quality....she SWEARS I am nuts!!! Maybe she is riight because I just can't help myself.......
                Don J
                Reno, NV

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