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Trailblazer 301G Welding problem

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  • Trailblazer 301G Welding problem

    I have a 301G that runs perfectly, revs up when arc is struck, switch is set to panel, but no matter how high you set the amp control it will hardly burn a 3/32 rod.
    Leads are good, 120V and 220V receptacles work find. Voltage out put between positive and negative lead connections is 75.5 (as I'm told it should be).
    Anyone know where I should go from here.
    Also, I understand miller came out with the 302 quite quickly after the 301. What reason?
    Thanking you all in advance,

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    Welcome to the forum Milton.
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      Sounds like you have good OCV with 75. Off the top of my head the only thing that comes to me is the potentiometer on the control board. Have you tried to ohm it out and see if it is good? Does the board look good? No burnt traces?


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        V/A selector set to panel, process selector pointing up to stick, not down to stick with remote, leads on stick CC output terminal not the terminal for CV. Be sure you have no poor connections at quick disconnects, or loose ball screw at stinger, check connection at work clamp. My guess is process selector is set to stick with remote, or you are connected to the CV terminal.


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          Do you have a remote V/A control you can see what it does with?

          The weld output current transducer (LEM) would be a suspect too.
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            Thanks to all for the replies. I've welded for over 30 years and tried all that I could do but when it comes to electronics I'm lost. I do not have a remote to try, albeit it wouldn't do me any good (unless I put it under my armpit) I've been a t-4 para for the past 12 years but I still have my shop and my Lincoln Idealarc 250. I just bought this Miller on a beautiful 2 axle trailer and thought it would be good to get out and do some work that I could get to.
            I'm sure I'll have more questions and maybe answer a few for someone else.
            Thanks a lot guys.