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Maxstar 300DX and Aluminum

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  • Maxstar 300DX and Aluminum

    I have a 1999 Maxstar 300DX setup and am considering moving over to the Dynasty for Aluminum work. I've used the Maxstar for stainless, chromemoly 4130 and mild with exceptional results--pulse feature allows a nice cool pool on thin walled material and great control. The issue is that I have projects on the horizon requiring work in 1/8-3/16 AL, including intake manifold work, etc. I've never tried DC work in Aluminum but from what I understand its not recommended. Comments? The AC side of the Dynastar series looks pretty good for aluminum. Any recommendations, and if so, what would a low hour Maxstar 300DX in pretty much new condition be worth? About $1400?

    Thanks in advance.
    Greg K

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    Greg K,

    DC TIG for aluminum is not the preferred method. It can be done using pure helium for shielding, a sharp 2% thoriated tungsten,high heat input (300+ amps on 1/2" material), typically multiple passes are required. Premium penetration can be achieved if all goes right-it rarely does. This is an art requiring much pratice, patience, and time on your hands.

    If you are looking toward regular aluminum work, then invest in an AC TIG machine. You will be much happier! I am extremely impressed with the Dynasty series. I have Dynasty 200DX for shop and mobile in plant use. I prefer a high freq box with my engine drive (TB301G) simply because the Dynasty 200 seems to falter on the upper end when powered by my generator.

    The Dynasty 200DX full featured machine should nicely fit the bill for 1/8"-3/16" aluminum with no strain. It can be had for about $2300 new less accessories. I guess you will keep your torch, amptrol, etc from the Maxstar.

    Your $1400 asking pricing for the Maxstar 300 sounds in the ball park. Perhaps you are not asking enough. I am asking $1475 for a 2002 Maxstar 200 DX less accessories with very low hours.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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      I have the same engine drive, a TB301G. I am going to get a Dynasty 200 DX very soon. But, if I see the same needs you do, what high freq box do you recommend for the TB?


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        You may not have the same problems I experienced, but according to Miller technical this is normal. I purchased the HF-251-D Miller HF box in the 115Volt version and a 2 lead tig torch set up in a weld craft. I bought 1/0 50 ' leads for the TB301g to the box, a 25' 1/0 lead for the work piece ground, and a 25' torch. Go back to pure tungsten and ball the end-old school tig. I have not had the chance to use mine much with the holidays, etc but do know it is a better mobile set up than pushing the Dynasty with the TB301 generator. I don't think it likes the revolving field power input-not really sure what causes the problem on the upper end, but I have learned the hard way. Fortunately no damage to the Dynasty. I am off for a few weeks for the holidays. Maybe I can get set up on warm day and send you some pics.