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Millermultimatic 200?

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  • Millermultimatic 200?

    Long time looker of the forum first time poster. I do small tool maintenance and light fab work for the company I work for. I enjoy the wealth of knowledge i receive from this forum. My question is what do you think of the Millermultimatic 200? I like the multi process for small feild repairs. Any feedback from any owners? Thank you for any feedback.

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    I have no experience with the Miller multiprocess machine, but I used to own a Thermal Arc 181i multiprocess when I was in my twenties and had no money. Whenever someone would ask me how it ran, I used this analogy:

    It's like a futon. Futons are neither good couches nor good beds. They're just "ok" at being one or the other and will get you by in a pinch.

    But again, I have no experience with the Miller machine itself. It might work just fine. But usually there is a compromise in performance somewhere.


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      Welcome to the forum, just search " multimatic 200"

      You'll get reviews
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        Welcome to the forum arojaz.
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          I'm no welder but I love my Multimatic 200. Just about to finish up a year long welding course at the local votech. I like stick and MIG welding with it better than with the CV 304s we use at school. Of course it's only 150 amps stick/200 MIG and there is no comparison with the duty cycles -- but it is perfect for my hobby welding. I have done very little TIG with it but love the small, flexible torch that I got with it compared to the huge thing we use at school. I have built several implements for my tractor using 3/8" - 1/2" steel and have had no problems making strong welds.

          It is very light and portable and changes easily between 110V/220V. If you are just using it to do stick welding, it's about 30 lbs. If you throw in a spool of MIG or flux core wire it is, of course, that much heavier but still easily transportable. You can just select the electrode size/type and metal thickness and it will automatically set the amperage when stick welding (same with the other processes) or you can manually tweak those automatic settings or set them completely manually. I bought the optional TIG package and the spoolgun package (which I have yet to use). I wish I had gone ahead and bought the TIG foot pedal when I made the initial order.


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            Thank you

            Thank you all for your insight.


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              Looking at the same machine. Right now I have 3 welders non of which I use everyday. I also need a portable to take down to our lake place. The Miller Multimatic would replace all three. Yes I know how to TIG, MIG and Stick don't need lessons, just need more room in my shop!

              Have these been out long and any issues??
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