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    Originally posted by sturugged View Post
    For fifty bucks id buy that and dust it off and put it in the living room next to the couch. Im kind of a tool addict though. Must be a welder thing, If it still works though seriously that would be a great unit just to have and use once and a while. Guess id have to get a restored Sa-200 with a countertop for an island in the kitchen or man cave to match it then. I might be onto something i think..... Gotta have some blue ones to balance it out though.
    Thats a great idea. I have my dads old mid 60's Westinghouse CV supply that isn't being used. It could sit right next to my recliner with a glass top on it. Maybe shorten up the spool gun wires and make a wall hanger out of it...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      arc welder

      The Lincoln Idealarc 250 or the Miller Dialarc 250 would get my vote. Both are great machines


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        Originally posted by USMCPOP View Post
        Me and JW are just making money. Fifty bucks (I am a generous man).[ATTACH]33852[/ATTACH]

        If you live close to oswego illinois i would buy it! Clear coat it as it sits, then put a mailbox in it, have a perfect house to mount it. Put the unit on a timer set for night, hook stinger to door, ground to mailbox, boom no more stolen mail!
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