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Big 40 back into service

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  • Big 40 back into service

    Had the chance to buy used Miller Big 40 Diesel. It is in good shape for the year (1988)but engine had miss and smoked. Hadn't run in 10 years. Finally got it running like new. Needed injection pump rebuilt. Need mew face plate but all in all she's in good shape.
    Spent all day yesterday welding on 2 separate repairs with it. Wow that welder runs a very nice soft bead. Couldn't believe it for a 26 year old welder. Hate to say it but welds much nicer than the 225 Bobcat Nt. I've been using for last 2-years. Just wish it wasn't so heavy but for now it's my go to welder for out of shop repair. Think I'll put it in a trailer & set up so don't hv to keep loading on truck.
    Just because it's old doesn't mean it's not good. Like the saying goes.
    "I'm as good once as I ever was"
    There's still hope for us older guys.
    Watch out for the sparks. Greg

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    I bought a Miller Big 40G back in 1989 at the age of 21 or 22 and I thought I was big time, I used to look down on guys with little PopCorn welders You know the legend, Bobcat or Trail Blazer.
    Those welders were for guys that welded fence posts.

    Then a couple years later I partnered up with a guy that had a Trail Blazer on his truck and we were welding on Heavy equipment and he had a mig suit case feeder and he kicked my A$$ with that popcorn welder.

    So I bought a suitcase feeder for my Big 40 which was suppose to be capable of doing so because I paid extra for the CC/CV option but my welding supplier was never able to get it to work so I bought a Trail Blazer and sold the big 40.


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      Big 40 back into service

      Mine has the CV-2 option. Both 5-pin & 14-pin. Also came with 50 series wire feeder that they used a lot with it. Said worked great time will tell. But there very heavy definitely tough to load and Aux. Voltage is low. But they do weld nice.
      I was looking for used Trailblazer need 300 amp for carbon arc. Bobcat just to small. Hadn't been able to find one local in my price range & big 40 was to good to turn down and it burns a carbon arc with no sweat.
      Always been a Diesel man, just love to hear it run. So for now it works for me, will still keep eyes open to upgrade if right deal comes by


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        That's cool that it came with a feeder and the guys said it worked fine, In my situation I may have just had some guys at Plymouth Wayne Welding supply that didn't know what they were doing.

        Its a crap shoot when taking advise from guys at a welding supplier ( Some guys are very knowledgeable and some guys act like the are but are not. )


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          Originally posted by gnforge View Post
          Hate to say it but welds much nicer than the 225 Bobcat Nt. I've been using for last 2-years.
          Greg, I would certainly hope so and this should be expected with the Big 40D being a 3-phase weld output and the Bobcat being only 1-phase.

          Great to hear you've revived an "oldie but a goodie"!
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