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going through to many tips

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  • going through to many tips

    Any advice on my 350pa im burning a lot of tips everything is set good my angle is good
    I work with quite. Of a lotofother experieced aluminum welders and we can not figureyhis one out

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    ill assume a 350 mpa? what type of feeder and gun? alumapro gun? pulse welding?right size tip for wire? i know with me sometimes ill go forever on a tip. then burn up a few in short time.


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      Welcome to the forum dilliagaf.
      Lincoln A/C 225
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        The guys at work never could get our mm 135 to work without burning the tips soon as they started welding so it just set for a few yrs.
        i started trying to weld so I tried to figure it out. Turns out in the picture I'm posting the cable that runs up the front cover was not in the holder and the two cables where they bolt up were crossing making magnetism and just sticking like a welding rod would and just burn the tip right then.
        I don't know your rig how the + and - run but if there crossing where they bolt up its something to look at.
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          I know its not the same welder and gun as what you have but my 251 with a 30A spool gun and I was burning tips like you are .I started using a little larger tip than what it called for and it helped a lot. There's a member here on the forum that told me about the tip problem and I think he has a fix that he's offering if you want. I had a bunch of brand new burnt tips that I drilled out the wire and I was able to save them. When I was having this problem as soon as I tried to weld the wire would burn off in the tip, that was getting expensive replacing tips.



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            See if you can find my thread from a few days ago. I think it was titled miller 350 p, I got some good advice on it. If you are running the same setup as I am this will help a lot.
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