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Thinking about buying a 350P-Aluminum

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  • Thinking about buying a 350P-Aluminum

    I don't want to high jack another discussion about a 350 P.

    I'm currently running a Cobra Matic push pull set up that works pretty good but we are getting into more aluminum box Gravel Trains.

    There are other aluminum items that are thinner that we don't even consider the mig for, so we tig weld them.

    Anything thinner than 3/16" of an inch is definitely Tig material.

    However, The video's said the 350-P can go as thin as 18 GA. which is thinner than almost anything I ever weld ( Even with tig )

    Spatter is another big concern, My current unit leaves alot of spatter which is okay on the inside of a gravel Train box but not okay on a lot of other things.
    Would I be correct to say that in pulse mode there is very little spatter.

    Its a lot of money so I hate to sell mine and buy the same thing that I already have.

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    the pulse mig done correctly leaves really no spatter. can achieve the stacked dime appearance. i wanted a 350p but went the other route and bought seperate stuff. i bought an xmt 350. a push pull feeder and alumapro gun. with an optima pulse controller. i had some time and found it all used for a fraction of the cost of the whole unit. works great. and the power source is good for many far as thin material ive done like 1/16 th material with pretty good results.just my 2 cents.


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      Thinking about buying a 350P-Aluminum

      I bought the 350P couple years ago. Couldn't be happier with the Michine. Definitely no regrets it's definitely made me money.
      I don't do much Alm. work but since got it have been doing a lot more. Just running spool gun so can't comment on push pull. Also haven't run Alm. pulse much, it welds great in pulse but had problem with crater at end on weld & never fine tuned it so just weld in mig. Should get it figured out but that's for another day. > A local trailer builder switched to 350P & pulse Alm. Said he hung up his Tig and welds every thing with pulse. Saved him tons of time.
      I will comment on Steel; I switched to dual metal or metal core wire and Pulse with the 350P. Wow what a difference, extremely fast and efficient. Saved me hours in a day, (kinda like a big 40 stick and trailblazer suitcase). :-)
      Great penetration, no splatter, up to 4-5 passes without even wire brushing although I do. I rebuild & build under ground Reamers so weld a lot of 1/2" to 1-1/2" thick metal all with .045 and the sweet part is just turn it down and weld 1/8" with .045 wire, no splatter great looking weld. I haven't had .035 wire in it in 2-years. Best of all these welds hold up in real world abuse.
      The shaft on these Reamers are 4130 alloy and I use metal core alloy wire to match, haven't had failure in 2-years. Knock on wood.
      There's three big welding Co. Near me that switched over to pulse. One of them ships products all over the world & a lot of high end high pressure stuff to Germany. Miller had a write up in AWS mag with them switching over to pulse. Of course there running bigger Equ and RMD etc. but for a one man shop the 350P has been super & the pulse is awesome. It replaced a 252 which couldn't keep up with the welding I was doing but I haven't been able to out weld the 350.
      Just my opinion Greg


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        GN Forge, Your kind of wrecking my plans now, I also need to get another machine for welding hard wire- dual shield,
        In the shop I run a S-22 P12 off my XMT 304 using .045 dual shield flux core wire for the heavier stuff.
        I also have a Miller Matic Vintage which is like the old MM200 that are great machines I run .035 Hard wire in that one.
        Some times we need a 3rd shop machine so I was thinking of also buying a new 252.
        Now you have me contemplating a 350 P for steel.

        I have to say that I get very little spatter running the .045 dual shield wire which is Lincoln Outershield 71 Elite.


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          I really like my MM350P....

          but then again... I guess you already knew that...

          do still keep my MM200 around too......great machine in it's own right...
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            Thinking about buying a 350P-Aluminum

            Sorry. But let add. :-)
            That is what I started running on the 350P for 1st. 6 months dual shield flux core (was just not sure about pulse then). Liked the wire and ran super on 350 but just not wire for pulse. The only down fall was small amount slag & flux some of my work is hard to get into and can't keep correct gun angle etc. kinda like 7018 if hard to get area & fight slag into puddle and consider time removing slag especially hard to get into areas. So switched to dual metal big difference no slag, runs at any gun angle, can also adjust sharp arc. I can hv a 1/8 gap on thick metal like open root. Set arc tight and stay inside 1/8 opening driving my root pass very deep. Can also set wide & lay 1" bead that looks robot welded it. Makes me look better than I am.
            Believe it or not but I think it welds dirty & rusty metal better than dual shield, better for me.
            Ran all morning at 225 amps. 27 to 30 volts. It fluctuates but that was ave. gun got so hot couldn't hold end but welder didn't even sweet.
            Then switched wire to hard surface, switched back to mig and ran another hour or so. Just purred like kitten.
            I don't like to do it but if in hurry I've many times keep a bucket of water beside me to dip the gun in, gun just to hot to hold. But I've never out run this welder. So far anyway.
            Can't say that about the 252, ran it into the ground many times.
            Also on wire the metal core wire I use is a lot stronger than the dual shield I used. Not cheap but seams to go a lot farther.
            Just some thought from the field.


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              I don't have 350P experience, but I do have Lincoln PM350 experience on alu. I "think" they are comparable pulse on pulse machines.

              The PM350 (or 300) with the push/pull gun will make excellent welds on 1/2" alu one minute and with a few twist's of the knob at the base of the gun, run a slick bead on 10 ga on end. That is, a weld bead on the 1/8" upright edge of a piece of 10 ga alu.
              Slicker than snot on a brass doorknob.
              That's the standard hands on demo Lincoln uses in trade shows, etc.

              A friend of mine has one, if I did (or get) significant amounts of alu work I'd buy one in a heartbeat. They are a case of tech really being bad to the bone. They don't remove welder skill but let any sound alu tig welder put out MUCH more work per hour.

              Those things just amaze me on alu. They are high, high production machines and leave a very clean end product.
              You should demo one for sure if you do alu work in the shop. I'm sure the Miller is just as slick as the Lincoln, but have no time on the Miller, yet.

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                Thanks for the input JT.

                I'd love to try some Lincoln equipment but all of my equipment is Miller and hooking up things like my Miller spool gun to the 252 Mig that I'm looking at keeps me from buying Lincoln ( Even though the biggest welding supplier who has the best show room around is the Lincoln Dealer )

                When I buy Miller stuff I have to go to Allstate Industrial Welding supply down near Detroit about 1 hr. away. ( They have the second best show room around )

                I was actually going to buy a 115V-230 Tig machine from my Lincoln welding supplier but when I touched the tungsten to the test pc. the test Pc. lifted with tungsten, So without hesitation I bought the miller max star 150 STL and am happy I did.
                In fact I used it today at what used to be a Ford Plant and they were amazed I was able to Tig weld the stainless part from a 115 Volt outlet.


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                  I like my 350-P ok
                  I really like the way it runs on steel with hard wire. It'll crank way down and weld super thin rusty crap exhaust pipe or run huge awesome beads on thick steel.
                  I don't use it much for aluminum tho. I don't have the push pull on it, just the 30-A spoolgun and I really prefer the appearance of my tig welds. Only time we fire it up on aluminum is on real long welds. Push pull would make a world of difference I know, but I really just bought it for a steel welder and I already had the spoolgun.

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