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  • Pulsing Applications

    I have a New Maxstar 200DX and this is the first machine i have used with pulsing I would like advice on setup of pulsing parameters specific to welding .058 4130 Tubing and .120 MS Tubing. There are alot of variables here and would like to get some expert advice on the settings you use PPS, Background Amp%, Peak%, ECT. for these applications.

    On the Maxstar 200DX the PPS range from .1 to 500 PPS I can understand how say up to 60 PPS can be advantageous but can anyone explain where you would apply pulse rates that high?

    There is not much info out about applying pulsed tig Please Help!

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    I have found that using the pulser above 60pps seams to agitate the puddle when welding s/s making hand movements not nearly as critical.It is more than likely no different on mild steel.