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Larger bottle for TIG or MIG?

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    I have the same size bottles...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      (1) I tend to get and use the biggest bottles that are practical for pretty much any process/machine because buying gas in larger quantities is most generally cheaper.

      (2) I keep a smaller tank of gas used when I need to back-gas something like stainless tubing and a few other tanks of "specialized" gasses. I don't often need or use them, but it sure is handy having them around. Most of them were bought for cheap and filled so I would have the gasses I need for the occasional use.

      (3) TIG is one of those things that is way easier to use for the "little projects" everyone runs into, rather than using MIG or stick. Turning the TIG outfit on and doing some small aluminum or stainless job is really handy. Also, if I need to just do some little low carbon weld, the TIG is what I go for for several reasons...One is that it makes almost NO mess (****, I can weld in my underwear if I want to!) and another is that I don't have to get all "suited up" and go through 15 minutes of setup and prep to do a 45 second welding job. All you've gotta do is choose your tungsten and choose either AC or DC!!!

      You will have to note, though, that if you aren't decent at TIG and reasonably experienced, it will be more trouble than it is worth most likely.
      Don J
      Reno, NV

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