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One machine two torches can it be done?

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  • One machine two torches can it be done?

    New guy going to get flamed for this question. Go ahead lets here it.

    So my question is can you have two torches set up instead of constantly switching out the torches? Let's say by buddy is over tig welding some aluminum so he needs the water cooler torch. In between him welding I'm welding somethat that is steel and don't need the water cooler torch just the air cooler torch. Is it possible for me to start to weld on something with out having to go unhook water cooled torch and hook up air cooled torch? It would save us time. If it won't work or not a good idea let me know. Would use same pedal so no chance of us both trying to use the machine at the same time.

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    If I understand your question....

    you want to alternate torch use not use them both simultaniously..
    is that correct...??

    pretty impractical to try both torches at the same time for a number of reasons including totally different settings..

    BUT ... if you want to alternate between torches and money is no object there are switching devices like the VersaTig...

    I just switch torches as needed....

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      What kind of machine are you using? This might have a bearing on if it is possible or not. Don't know for sure though.


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        Well if you had a dynasty it would be simply unplug and plug while leaving the cooler lines hooked up
        If you only use a power block then both torches would always be live.
        Not the best idea.
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          Yes I want to alternate and not use them simultaneously.... I have an older synrowave 250DX. Another reason is because I seem to mess up the tungsten right away. Money is an object and if it is to much I will just say forget it.


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            Here is a possible solution which may be cheaper than the Versa-Tig.

            Will require turning a switch and also a valve but you can leave the torches hooked up.

            1 - Use the Miller Polarity /reversing control.
            It has threaded studs for it's connections.

            Figure 2-5 shows how to wire the tig torches.
            The Miller Polarity /reversing control will switch the torch lead between the torches. You can leave the ground connected to the machine.

            2 - Use a 3 way valve for your argon gas connections to switch the argon to the torch in use.

            This will require you to remember which torch is in use and to supply the gas and power but it will work.

            good luck
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              seems to me a few dinse connectors and couple 3 way valves 1 for gas and 1 for cooling might do the job.


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                never done a dual tig setup but years ago me and a buddy put a splitter on some leads an we both welded stick at the same time with one machine. it would burn hot until both of us started welding then it evened out.we was welding some skids to a deck with lh.