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let's talk about 6g smaw open root

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    let's talk about 6g smaw open root

    And yes I believe limitations of root rein are 1/16 being desirable and 1/8 being acceptable if I'm answering your question correctly..


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      let's talk about 6g smaw open root

      I'm no pipe liner. But do weld casing for a local co. No pressure no XRay. Mostly 12" to 16" pipe. I use 3/32 opening, 1/8 6010 root. 3/32 7018 hot pass. 1/8 7018 cover.
      I like 3/32 rod on hot pass, gives me room to work rod into toes of root pass.
      Not talking about code or pressure welding just some input from the field.
      Like previous stated I push my rod through, splatter inside pipe basically welding inside pipe.
      Just some input hope it helps.


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        tig or stick?

        Originally posted by Brian17:318591
        I'm in school I have all position CWB working on 6g tig open root with stainless, I agree with the bit about 1/8 electrode, I'm not 100% sure but I'm thinkin test calls for 3 .3 .3 rule .. 3/32 gap land and electrode, it's welded fixed 6g position vert. Up, I can pass the test I'm just runnin the ragged edge of it tho, what aprox. amp would u suggest for sked 80 2" pipe with the 1/8 rod?? 70-5amps? I also found that I have to let the pipe cool before doing the second half of root, that or drop amps by 10, also does anyone know where I could find info as to guide lines for the TSSA pipe tests, their web site is bull**** and wants you to order their books for a small fortune, PDF files are also a waist of time,
        Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!
        . Now is this smaw or tig and did you say stainless? I would certainly let it cool instead of changing the heat


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          I have done plenty of TSSA smaw pipe tests. We used 1.5" sch 160 for our tests. We we're allowed to use any land, root gap we wanted to. Any size rod as well.
          There's nothing wrong with 1/16" reinforcement on the inside of the pipe. That's perfectly acceptable.
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            Perhaps Brian 17's question would be better asked as this. What would the recommendations be to increase re-enforcement on an overhead .218" plate butt (wall thickness for 2" sch.80). Try to do a full 1/4" plate that's 7-8" long. A lot of the time you can get by on thinner wall pipe because your coupons are still cold and you are only doing a short area in the overhead before you come around to an easier vertical.
            First pic on heavier wall, relatively even build-up. Lighter plate ends up more like the second pic where build-up is lower and not nearly as uniform.
            Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              What happen to brian