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Looking for some Tungsten Advice/ Info

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  • Looking for some Tungsten Advice/ Info

    What works well with what? What are you using for your applications?

    Why use Zirconiated, what does it do, benefits, Tip configuration, ect.

    I ordered a book, but I will take every bit of info I can get

    Thanks in advance


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    I use 2% thoriated for all my steel apps and Pure for all the aluminum.

    Just trying to start a lead


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      I use 2% thoriated on carbon steels,stainless,titanium,inkonel and zirconium on aluminum and magnesium I like the zirc. better than the pure because it carries more current and doesn't break down as easy as the pure. I pretty much stick to these two I sometimes use 1% thoriated if the 2% isn't available. I don't care for the ceriated or lanthanated tungstens much seems like they don't keep the tip as well as the thoriated. I am curious to see what others think of the lanth. and ceria. tungstens. Thanks.