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Bobcat 250 EFI + 12VS Extreme Flux Core to Bottle

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    Hi, I"m probably off topic a little bit. But I was wondering how you did such a neat an tidy job cutting the plate for the three point hitch frames?
    Is that done with a plasma cutter? Thanks Joe.


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      Originally posted by RedBarnNate View Post
      Here is what we are currently building at our shop. We have complete 1 & it is being used currently, and are just finishing up 2 more. We will most likely be building 10 more. The customer wanted a hitch that was bulkier & stronger than a locally sourced cheap alternative. He uses them on compact CAT 1 tractors that pull fruit bin trailers for cherry harvest.

      An operator can more easily load/unload/hook up to trailers running the hitch off 3 point. Also, this places the pivot point of the trailer "further back" from the tractor, allowing for tighter turns without binding & tire rub.

      The builder is grinding welded surfaces to a "v" prior to welding. He is making 2 passes with 1/8" 6013 on our bobcat 250.


      Try 7018 jet on those welds, it will smooth them up real nice.
      6013 will run smooth with a little more heat.
      Your welds look cold around the toes.
      Good Luck,
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