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  • mag wheel welding

    Hello folks I need help ,I tried to tig a mag wheel and this is what happened.
    the inner part turned real good when I tried to weld the outer part of the wheel all I got was sugarizing .....any ideas? using synchowave 250 with 4043 rod .

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    Hard to tell you anything without PICS and more info...

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      Not sure exactly what you mean by "sugaring" in connection with a "mag" wheel. First off, are you sure it's a magnesium (Mg) alloy wheel and not just an aluminum alloy one.

      Second, did you clean the coating off good before trying to weld on it?
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        I've run in to the situation before where people have told me something was made from a magnesium alloy when in fact it was just an aluminum alloy. I've also had the reverse happen a couple times.

        A while back some one brought me what they said was an aluminum transfer case with some cracks and missing places around the flange where it bolts up. The first 2 inch or so bead that I tried to put on it using 4043 told me that I was dealing with a Magnesium casting. The 4043 didn't mix in and I was able to grab the bead with a pair of pliers and pull it right off. The surfaces where it pulled out were large grained and porous looking. Could this be what you're calling "sugarizing"?

        I went to the LWS to see if they had any Mg alloy filler. They did and it was like around 120 and some dollars a pound (with a 1 lb. minimum). Luckily I'm thought of favorably there and the salesman just gave me 4 lengths of 3/32. It worked just fine. Still have a piece of that filler some where in the pile.
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          mag wheel welding

          not recommended can you guarantee safety of the wheel In use after welding

          can see legal problems if it breaks in use


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            A quick and rough test to tell difference is to lightly sand an area and pour on some white vinegar. Magnesium alloys will fizz while aluminum will not.
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              when welding magnesium, you should notice the different color, Magnesium is green and dirty compared to aluminum.

              My guess is he meant an aluminum mag.

              However, You either had your machine set to high and burn through the back side where you didn't have any shielding gas along with maybe not cleaned on the back side.

              Aluminum rims are heat treated so you are taking the heat treatment out of them, However people have been welding rims for years without any problems that I have ever heard of ( Meaning fatalities ) Not saying it hasn't happen, I just haven't heard of any cases.

              Based on the fact you told us what the backside looks like, tells me you have pulled contamination into the aluminum and now its inferior aluminum and its not heat treated so you really have compromised the strength.


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                mag wheel

                I will do the white vinegar test thanks for your help,