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New 3/4" Impact gun 1560 Ft Lbs of torq.

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  • New 3/4" Impact gun 1560 Ft Lbs of torq.

    I have been working on alot more big trucks now that I have a bigger facility which requires a bigger impact than my 1/2" will do.

    I was looking at the Ingersorrand 3/4" drive that kicks out a whopping 1350 ftlbs of torque.

    But a friend of mine told me about the one made by Proto which has 1560 FT. Lbs. Mod # J175WP. ____________________________________ $ 352.87

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    Man that sounds like a great deal. No more struggling with your 1/2" gun & breaker bars with pipe extensions.
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      I work on tractor trailers every day. To get that kind of torque you will need to run it on a 1/2"air line


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        Impact Gun

        If your in the market for one ToolTopia has good prices.


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          Along with the impact I bought 1/2" hose, 3/4" drive deep well socket set up to 1-7/8" and the big fittings.


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            Up date on the price, They called me back to say they had the wrong price so it went from $ 352.87 to $ 435.64


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              New 3/4" Impact gun 1560 Ft Lbs of torq.

              Fyi u will probably need 12-15 cfm compressor and at least a 30 gallon tank along with the1/2 inch feed


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                I have a 80 gallon tank and approximately 23 cfm at 175 psi, I borrowed a friends 1" impact for this job, still waiting for mine to arrive.

                We mounted a Prentice crane on the log truck that we have been working on, there are eight 1-1/4" bolts that hold it on, The impact was as my daughters would say ( Amazing ) I tried to get a little extra torque on them with a 24" adjustable wrench and a 3' pipe over the handle, I couldn't budge it.

                I'm use to 1/2" impacts, this was a big upgrade.


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                  You do spray threads with weasel pee before running them on? The Proto is still a good deal, I paid 200 more for my IR 20 yrs ago.
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