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Blue Star 185 Stator Removal

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  • Blue Star 185 Stator Removal

    I need to remove the stator on a Blue Star 185 to clean out a dirt dobber nest. What comes next after taking the 4 long bolts out from the endplate? It looks like I need to remove the center bolt that goes into the rotor shaft so that the bearing can come off with the endplate, but not certain if that bolt is left-hand or right-hand threaded and the best way to get it out...Thanks for your help. Also, is there a service manual available that would have these procedures documented?

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    What engine is in that welder?
    Has the motor lost spark?
    Any small engine I have ever worked on has the stator under the flywheel. This the flywheel has to be removed first.
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      Welcome to the forum Charles76901.
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        The rotor needs to be pushed off the engine, there are threads in the shaft that I think are 3/8" can't remember, so get yourself some redirod and a couple nuts


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          Charlie, no need to remove the rotor or its center bolt to get the stator off on the Blue Star 185. Just remove the endbell cover, pull the 4 bolts holding the stator housing to the engine adapter plate, remove the brushes and holder assembly, pry the endbell off the rotor bearing and then slide the stator housing off over the rotor.
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