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Need help with my 302 trailblazer

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  • Need help with my 302 trailblazer

    It run good except when at a idle and strike an arc some times it will not increase to run speed for up to 5 or 6 seconds
    any ideas what to look for
    thank you Steve

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    Check all your welding cable connections and clean your base metal good.

    i had an issue with my TB 302 from time to time, Found that it would rev to high idle with no issues , and some times it would kinda pause like you are describing. I found that checking all the weld cable connections quick connects , stinger and ground were making poor connections. cleaned up the connectors with some emery cloth, and problems disappeared. Also grinding a spot where your ground attaches should help too. I have just clamped the clamp on and had heavy mill scale that wouldn't let the electrical circuit close. Grind a spot and it works fine. I found moisture gets into the quick connects and they oxidize and have poor connection. I hope this is all that you have to do, it worked for me so i just thought id throw it out there. The cable connections should be shiny brass , not dirty dull green oxidation. Also check that they are positively cammed together.
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      I thought just recently cruizer was talking about using at least 1/0 cable so that the machine could sense the arc voltage correctly.
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        I've had a problem like sturugged had it seems to come and go. I do clean my cable connection now and them but I have lots of freeze thaw cycled so maybe it is just a grounding issue due moisture and oxidation.


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          Usually crappy cable and a failed connection

          remember 44 hz low idle and 62.5 hz high idle. May just have to adjust and clean your idle solinoid, these things do need maintanance, might want to clean the crud off your slip rings while your at it too.
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            Thank you

            I Have not had time to try it but I know the ground was bad rusty steel I think u guys r right thank you
            take care. Steve