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help for level 1 welding apprentice please!!!

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  • help for level 1 welding apprentice please!!!

    hi I am going to school on Monday for my level 1 welding and I am just looking over my modules to try and get a grasp on some things before school starts.... currently I am doing a self test in one of the mods and I have searched everywhere and I couldn't find one of the answers... I live in Manitoba Canada and one of the questions is ( what are the functions of the provincial apprenticeship committee for the welder trade) Can someone please help! thanks !

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    The provincial apprenticeship committee could refer to the branch of the dept of education , labor and training. The specific names have changed over the years , but it is part of the education and training dept that decides what will be in the curriculum, and oversees the administration ,delivery and requirements of the apprenticeship program. There is also a trade advisory committee that is represented by industry to decide the relevant info that the apprenticeship committee uses to create the curriculum . A lot of the stuff and requirements have changed and are being reworked to more current trends in the welding trade. i guess its industry having input as to what the government teaches apprentices and the standards how they do it. a lot of stuff has changed over the years specifically in terms of the actual practical tests you do to get your redseal and what is needed for all the levels.
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      Try this link:


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