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  • Choosing a welder

    I need help to choose the right welder for me. I am big into motorsports, and do any kind of engine work as a hobby. I work alot with turbos and such. But welding has been my weak point because I know nothing about it. I know the basic differences between a mig and a tig, just seeing what the machine shops do for me, but now I want to get into it. Ive been looking at the small 115v units because I am a student in college that basically is pretty broke

    Ive been talking to a few people about this and what I am afraid of is I will get so far with my projects and not be able to weld some things because I am underpowered. So I have taken the initiative to get a credit card and smack a nice welder that wont become obsolete in my future projects.

    I wont be using this all the time, but just for projects. I do alot of them too. The things I will be doing is turbo downpipes, turbine engines, and maybe some framework (automotive). From what I have seen, I think a mig is what I need... but as far as size and wiring up the electricity in my home garage for it I am not sure. Or should I do a tig?

    I realize it might be harder to learn on a higher skilled lever welder, but Im devoted and Im willing to give it a shot. I rather take a year to learn an advanced welder rather than in a year figure out I should have bought a better welder.

    Please help me out,

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    Shawn, you might try posting this same question here:

    I think you'll get a quicker response from a wider audience there.

    By the way, Miller and Hobart are owned by the same company.


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      I also started as a"hobby" welder and used a 115v welder.That lasted about a month when I realized ,115v,just wouldn't cut it.
      Bought a Miller 210 w/spoolgun and by word of mouth,have gotten a
      nice shop and now about 8k in equipment,some RED but most BLUE.Look ahead and see where YOU want to be!Two years ago I was a hobby welder, and now I have a nice shop and a mobile rig. Best of luck and keep us posted on how it"s going!!!
      MACH 4 Welding


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        Originally posted by MACH4
        ...Two years ago I was a hobby welder, and now I have a nice shop and a mobile rig.
        Most inspiring, thanks!


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          From your post you might want to look at the HH175 or a step up to a MM210. The 175 is a more portable unit, easy to use with plenty of power. The 210 with a little more "horsepower" to tackle any aluminum jobs that may also be in your future. Quite honestly, listen to your friends and the folks on the Hobart board and here. The 110v machines leave you wishing. Like the girls say, bigger is better. My 2cents....
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            Hehehe, you guys are great... thanx for the replys... I guess it was a good choice to do research before I bought something... considering the number of replys in such a short ammount of time.... leads me to one question... Is welding a hobby for you guys now?
            Mebbe theres some hidden fun I dont know about... I mean.... them punks on tv that work with jesse james sure make it seem fun.