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  • Oxy-fuel

    Could someone give me a ballpark estimate on the price of 10 cf of acetylene and 20 cf of Oxygen? I have used oxyfuel for cutting before but now I am interested in getting my own outfit but want to know how much the gases cost. I am in the Southeast U.S. Thanks!

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    Call your lws for a quote.
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      Get big tanks.
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        I own a 280 cu ft oxygen tank and it costs me $35 to have it refilled (actually they swap it out).

        Also own a 336 cu ft argon tank and it costs me $40 for a refill/swap.

        My set-up is propane so I am not much help with acetylene.

        I agree with USMCPOP - buy big tanks.

        You can buy small ( 80 cu ft ) oxygen tanks at a local Harbor Freight store but it may be frustrating since you don't get much for your buck. An added worry is the trouble of getting them refilled.
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          The bigger you can afford, the better. You can look on craigslist for a set. Here in Southern Arizona there is usually a set of tanks with a 140 acetylene and a 200 oxy with a torch and cart for around $400. Keep in mind that what ever size you get acetylene has a draw down rating of 1/7th. So your 10cf acetylene tank could run a cutting tip or a welding tip that is rated for just over 1cfh. That is pretty tiny.

          Do a little research on the 1/7th rule and that might help you decide to get bigger tanks.

          Also, some interesting video related to the transport of flammable gasses:****/
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