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2# roll in 12vs

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  • 2# roll in 12vs

    This is my first post on this forum, or any's my question, got a call to do a small stainless job later this week, looked around for some 308 flux core which is what I have used in the past. Found out you can only buy it in 33# rolls around here, didn't want to spend that much so...Ended up ordering a 2# roll of 309 solid wire. Never had one of these small rolls before, I know they have a 5/8 hole, just wondering if theres a good way to set that up in a 12vs feeder. also any tips on running ss solid wire with 75/25 would be helpful thanks!

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    You could re-roll the wire onto an old one that has no wire on it. I have never heard of welding stainless with 75/25, can you do that?


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      It works with flux core, its not beautiful Hoping it will be ok with solid, its a really small job so bottle of tri mix is not in the budget. thanks for your suggestion of rewinding it may have to try that.


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        75/25 mix is not recommended for stainless as it reduces the corrosion resistance after welding. Of course it has been done lots of times for the reason you gave.

        Not sure on a 12vs but some feeders you can unscrew the center tension bolt, remove the plastic spool holder & then place the 2# spool over the bolts with a smaller dia. spring for tension. There is also an adaptor available.

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          Just what I was looking for. Thanks man, just ordered it.


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            Or you can build your own amazon version...Bob
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            Bob Wright


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              Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
              Or you can build your own amazon version...Bob
              Yep, That's exactly ( similar ) what I did for my LN- 25 & it works great !