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trailblazer service manual.

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  • trailblazer service manual.

    Hello folks. I am having trouble finding a service manual or service help for this unit. I would like to buy a service manual or maybe get some tech help. If it is not available Please let me know.

    Miller Trailblazer 301G
    Stock No. 907042
    SN: LE 077989
    1,069 housr on unit.

    Does Miller sell Service manual for this unit?
    Thanks for any help.

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    It's possible if you call them,,,, but I don't think so

    what seems to be the problem


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      If it is engine related then you can get the engine manual usually off e-bay. If it is welder related then there are people here who can help.
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        Thank you both for the reply. Engine is fine. We have erratic or inconsistent welding. I have read the Troubleshooting portion of the owners manual, and decided to check and clean and re-check every related connection, brushes, slip rings. We have already replaced Control PCB PC2. If I get through this and still do not have a good feeling for the fault then I will let you know. Thanks again.


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          Whats the engine rpm. Welder wise its tested off the 120Vac receptacles in frequency (HZ). Yours MUST BE 62.5hz.