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Dynasty Amp Display's Opposite Direction

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  • Dynasty Amp Display's Opposite Direction

    Is it just my machine or do all Dynasty 200DXs have this little quirk?

    If I move the Amp control knob too fast in an attempt to raise the amperage the display may actually move to a lower value. (During the rapid turn of the knob the values displayed jump all over the place.)

    - Display reads 100 amps
    - Rotate the knob clockwise at a rapid rate
    - Resulting amp display may go down; example: to 50 amps

    Rotate the knob counter clockwise at a rapid rate and the same thing happens but backwards; 100 may turn into 150.

    (Numbers used above are contrived examples only for clarity.)

    Moving the knob slowly results in correct setting increase/decrease as expected.
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    Not the same thing, but my shop stereo is the same way. I just turn the knob slow.


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      What are your presets, Unit is looking at that as fast as it can, slower and its much easier for the unit to convert analog to digital.


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        Opening old thread here, but I stumbled across this one. My Dynasty 350 does the same thing erratically. It will be fine for days, then the rheostat gets wonky and I might be adjusting from 150 to go up to 200... and all I end up with is instantly cycling from ~5 to 50 amps OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It's REALLY frustrating. Then I have to turn it, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK individually stopping at each detent on the knob up the range so it will adjust. I haven't had anyone else with the same issue and it's never repeatable so I haven't bothered to take it in to diagnose at LWS. They never heard of it happening before. I imagine it's just a screwy rheostat on the PC board. The magically it will wake up later when adjusting again and be perfectly fine. You could spin the dial all the way up or down through the 0-350 range. The board is about $450, but I imagine if it becomes routing I could solder in a new dial for $5?
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