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Does winter storm = work?

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  • Does winter storm = work?

    For you guys that has been thru a few storms did work pic up during or right after it, Snow?

    Have a day or so harsh stuff coming where we don't see much, just wondering if the phone will ring.

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    This winter I have fixed more snow equipment than normal but a lot of my customers are basically shut down due to the lower than normal temps, deep frost & lots of snow cover. I was told the frost is at about 2 ft. thick now.

    So whatever I gained is lost elsewhere. Besides working in 5-20 degree temps is no fun.
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      I work as a mechanic for a salt whole sale company in metro Detroit. It's been so bad up here we are sold out of salt, bur that also means the equipment took a beating. We have 5 tractors, 14 trailers,12 piggyback fork lifts and 7 regular fork lifts.


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        Been pretty stressful around here having to pull 11 or 13 hour shifts when there is a break in the weather to try and make payroll. Everything is harder when it is below freezing ,icy or snowy very hard on the gear , equipment and not to mention dangerous. My metabo grinder got water in it from working in the slush and started cutting in and out on me ended up catching my thumb and taking a 1/4 chunk across it over my finger nail. Only up side was it was only 25 degrees so it didn't bleed much or hurt till it thawed out 5 hours later on the ride home. lol
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