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Frying an LN7

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  • Frying an LN7

    I have several Lincoln CV300 Power sources and LN 7 feeders a while back I had a feeder motor go out, and instead of spending money on an almost 20 yr feeder i buy a new one. Now I install the new feeder on my most used power source I then take that Ln 7 and moved it to the power source the other feeder burn up on. One spool of wire later this feeder begins to act up. I chance control cables runs another half a day then same problem motor goes just like before. Now my repair man comes checks the power source and the feeder calls Lincoln they cant come up with why this has happened twice on the same power source. ANY THOUGHTS!!!!!!

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    Extremely unlikely a motor burned up unless the brush caps came out. Most likey a stuck relay or bad board

    Anyhow the unit works on 115 Vac, I'd say that your control cable to the machine is damaged and shorting.


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      When you pull the trigger the gas valve clicks and the motor hums and doesn't turn.


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        Really want to check the brushes and brush plastic caps, most often the brush caps uncrew themselves and go missing, then a brush just isn't making the contact it should. tough to order just the cap for the motor, so I bunch up some electrical tape, shove it into the brush holder then tape around the motor. I'm sure there is a better way though...