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  • bobcat250 or trailblazer325

    Hello all, So I'm looking to get my first engine drive welder so I can start doin miscellaneous repairs and was just wondering if I should spend the extra coin and get the trailblazer. I know there has been some issues with the new tb325 and just wondering which 1 y'all would prefer... Thanks for your help

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    Totally different machines. You need to look at what you will be using it for & then see if upgrading to the TB is even needed.
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      I had to buy a second machine and didn't want to spend a lot of money. thought about a wildcat, but that won't push my suitcase very well, so that was a pass. so i'll get a bobcat 250, ya that will be enough to wire feed. wait what no RC4, well I do a good amount of aluminum, i'll need that. so a TB 325 it is. don't have to regret not getting a bigger machine when I had to buy one anyway.
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