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  • Getting the word out

    I have a fully equipped shop, and am also fully mobile with my Trailblazer, bottles, Millermatic, and Spectrum all on a service trailer. My question is this: how do I get the word out so I can do some real jobs? Word of mouth is getting me lots of security bars and fences, but I've got the capability to do some serious mobile welding in addition to the shop work, and that's where I'm sure the real money is.

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    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise..Ken......
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      am in a similar position..(just going mobile) there is much business out there.. they just have to know that you are there.. skilled.. honest.. and ready to work.. my quandry is on the business side.. estimation... costing etc... someone mentioned that they had worked up excel spreadsheets for that.. would appreciate copies if you are willing to share. also very curious about hourly rates.. travel..gas... consumables.. etc.. etc... gotta feed the bulldog ya know... but do want to be inline with what is fair...
      thanks to all

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        MAC702 and H80N,

        I've been running mobile for a little over 5 years. The easiest advertising is word of mouth. I stumbled on a couple of good accounts: shipping/receiving warehouses and a mechanical contractor. From there word just spread: I ended up doing natural gas piping for a local utility and lots of case pipe for ductile iron. Now I have plenty of work without advertising. I also have a sign on my mobile truck with a phone number. Trust me-people will call. I found that newspaper advertising does not work very well and is a waste of time and money. Make the rounds and hit up the utility contractors, warehouses, and all the industrial parks in your area. Once you do a few good jobs folks will pass your name around and you will stay busy.


        I live in East Tennessee and charge $60 per hour. I always try to price the job as a flat rate rather than by the hour. For example, I have a customer who was willing to pay $600 to gouge out braces and railings on a furniture cart and replace them with new material, but he would not pay $60/hour for the 10 hours it took to do the job. Actually the job was 6 hours and 4 hours of drive time including running for materials. Don't forget to add materials at a 30% markup to your hourly labor rate. I also bill for consumables. The $60 pays for my equipment, time, and vehicle wear/tear.

        Good Luck


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          Hey guys,

          Maybe this is my chance to give a little back since you all have been more than forthcoming with technical information. My education and background is in Finance and have worked for start-up tech companies and I have done some consulting on the side. Word of mouth or “viral” advertising is certainly a means to get the word out but by no means is the only way. I am sure you are all familiar with the saying, “it takes money to make money.” This is no exception.

          Create a business plan where you can determine your costs. From that generate your pricing sheet. See what your business looks like on paper and see what you will need to charge just to break-even. This information will drive your pricing sheet. Create a flier, pricing sheet or something along those lines that you can leave with your customer or potential customer. "Viral” advertising relies on the other person to sell you. You should be selling yourself.

          I would also suggest you reverse engineer the process. Think about who would need you. Who are the people who could use you within the area(s) you intend on covering and pay them a visit. Of course you can send them the flier via mail, or drop it off in their mailbox. Just do what it takes to get you, your flier with all its valuable information out there.

          It can get more complicated and detailed but just some starting points. I hope this helps.
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            Hi Guys/Gals,
            Just a suggestion, but all of you out there are on computer, so, Make yourself up a small flyer, take one day a week, say, Monday, and go out and politic with builders, heavy equipment users, or whatever vinue you want to tap. It just takes one or two to get your name out.

            I give 911 service to a pipeline company in Ga. everything including trackhoe bucket repair to valve keys. BUT,,,You have to be ready to make them the most important customer and go wherever they need you. I charge $100 for drive and $50 for the first 1/2hr, then $50 per. So the min. is $150, sometimes it's 10 minutes down the road, but at times you get that really long trip:-) Just be consistant.

            Weld Well,


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              I must confess I am a full time printing press operator, my suggestion is to do some bulk mailing. At my company we do this and our customers get fantastic pinpoint mailing lists and target mail to an end result of 1.5%-2%. this may not seem like huge numbers but if a 1%contact does $1,000 a week how many do you need to do?