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  • maxtron 450

    in the process of buying a matron 450 in great shape just missing trigger assembly came out of a local factory i cant seem to find a new trigger and whip setup ive never used a welder like this i use a millermatic 200 /250 at work everyday but i couldnt pass this one up for 400 everything is there but trigger assemble where would i find one that isnt a fortune and if i decided to sell it what could i get for it,

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    Geat shape, does that mean it works? Did you try it out? Cause in its day, it was a great machine, but alot of problems trouble shooting it and quite expensive to repair. Not to sure if parts are still available


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      would it be worth buying it and parting it out


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        Parting out a working machine, yes, could likely make money on that.


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          have not bought it yet have not seen if it works dont have 220 hooked up in my garage yet ill have to bring it to work and see but i figured for 400 and everything is there with wire feeder i should be able to get my money back out of it, i know the guy im buying it from if it didnt work he would buy it back


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            also where can i find parts for it i can not find a trigger assembly anywhere wont do me much good if i cant weld with it