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  • miller maxtron450 advice

    in the process of getting a maxtron 450 for a good deal problem i have is it does not come with the trigger and whip assembly i havent found one for under 1000 dollars im only paying 400 for welder and feeder it came out of a factory in working condition but they kept the trigger and whip what are my options and if i decided to sell it what would be a good price for it , ive never have a welder this size at home im in the process of running 220 now but i use the millermatic 200 and 250 all day at work any help would be great ive been going back and forth about buying it for a while

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    Now the Miller Maxtron is a standalone powersourse, soooo it would have to have a separate feeder on top of it


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      comes with the feeder, power cord, and the gas regulator


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        What is the feeder and what do you plan to weld with it? It appears to be a multi-process machine so buy a set of stick leads for it and weld.If you want anyone to estimate a value try posting the serial number(to date the machine) and some pictures to so one might assess the condition. Also your location as markets vary. It's going to take some fairly serious wiring. Look in the used market for a stinger to match your feeder or look on this site.---Meltedmetal


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          feeder is a s64m kg01596 power unit is a kf870474 from what ive been told it is wired for 230v now and looking at the owners manual i can run it on single phase power if i have enough amperage, im having an electrician do the wiring if i end up keeping it , i found the trigger assembly but im thinking the unit is just to big for what i need it for im probably going to sell it and buy something more practical, do mostly frame repair on cars and body work, would like to get into the heavier fabrication thats why i bought this welder im picking it up in a couple weeks and i will post pictures.


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            Paging 7A749 to the courtesy phone....