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    duaneb55 I am glad you chimed in.. LOL you seem to know what you are talking about when it comes to the Bobus 225g. So you are saying that the 45BH crank is the most common, is that in the Onan Powered Miller machines or common across the board? I must be honest I don't have a lot of money burning a hole in my pocket or I would spring for the 1300 rebuild kit. I am guessing that when it dropped the valve guide that is what bent my valve(s). Both guides were pretty tore up. I could set the guid back in place and wiggle it so it is WAY out.


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      That would be for the Miller Onan powered units. Lincoln and other equipment manufacturers used different configurations.
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        fix the guides...

        If money is tight, pull the engine, have a machine shop fix the guides(they likely can get the guides, and valve seat cheaper then you can, rering the engine and go, unless the bore is trashed likely a set of rings and gaskets will be it. (if your realy hurting you can do only one cylinder). The trick with working on an onan is not breaking the exhaust manifold bolts and headbolts off.
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          parts & stuff

          Tryagn5 - I would be looking at a complete top end rebuild. I am one of these guides that while I have it tore all apart I might as well do the bottom end because I am already there. I will not have a cobbled together machine that just nickels and dimes me to death.

          Duaneb55 - Good thing I ain't running a Lincoln machine! LOL I know you have quite a bit of experience on the bobus 225g, all of the info you share with us here don't fall on deaf ears.