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  • Alabama is closed

    I know that there are members from Canada and northern United States that wouldn't give 3 inches of snow a second thought. Well in Alabama and down in the panhandle of Florida we are closed. The major interstates in Al. were one big traffic jam. The government can only do so much and what they could do they did it at full force.On the high note it will all be gone by Friday the temp will be back up to the 60's I would like to say that the greatest acts came from the citizens that open there homes and businesses that open there doors to the stranded to help in nothing less than saving lives. It's not amazing at all how Americans when in danger will be helped by Americans that are in the same danger. On my last thought that's why the the Constitution of the United States starts off with WE THE PEOPLE and not we the goverment

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    We aren't doing so great here in central North Carolina either. Most of the roads haven't even been salted. You wouldn't even know there was a road if people weren't driving on it. The interstates aren't nearly as bad though. The sheriff did tell people to stay home unless its an emergency but no one seemed to pay attention.

    Stay warm and drive safe.


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      Those of us up here on the Canadian border enjoy these -55 windchills & waist deep snow so much we thought we'd pass some around the country for others enjoyment
      Stay safe you guys !!!
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        I wish you all good luck and a quick warming

        It was 17 below when we came to town monday, there was a fresh foot of snow on the ground. The roads hadn't been touched by the state yet and by the time they did get to plowing a layer of ice had been packed down that the plows can't touch. You should try driving on that stuff. There is also what we call "black ice" which is something you will never forget when you drive (or try to walk) on it. The roadways just look like they are wet, but its a super thin sheet of ice that would put any skating rink to shame for the slippery; this stuff is slicker than hot buttered snot.

        But you know what's really but my butt in a twitter? Last Saturday I bought a Millermatic 211 from a supplier on E-Bay (a welding shop over in Maryland, now a 4 hour drive from here). They put it on a FedEx truck and it hasn't been able to get to my house yet. The thing has been on the truck bouncing around on pot-holed roads for three days and they haven't even bothered to try to get to our house, citing hazardous conditions on the tracking system. In the mean time my wife has driven our 2-wheel-drive car to town and then back home again every day in the ice and snow to visit me during this hospital stay. No problem for her almost 70-year-old-butt, but too much for the FedEx guy.


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          Stranded in 3" of snow,,,, WOW!!!


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            It is amazing how little snow or inclement weather it takes to shut down a place that isn't used to such an event. I would bet that there isn't a plow for hundreds of miles. And why would they normally need them? It would be a waste of tax dollars to have plow trucks on hand for weather events like this.

            Being from a snowy area I would find it very funny to watch. Sit out front with some beers and a bbq and "watch the show."
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              I'm pretty sure it was the ice under the snow that caused the problems not the slight accumulation of snow.
              Anybody that's been in an ice storm in the south knows that 1/2-2" of ice beats 2' of snow any day when it comes to mobility.

              Sheet ice falls power lines, wrecks fences and trees, and makes driving (even an M1A1 Abrams main battle tank) a dicey, semi suicidal gig.

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                **** at 3" I'm thinking about putting the plow on


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                  I guess you don't realize when people never get snow how much of a disaster it is for them. no snow equipment. and a lot of people probably never drove in the snow before. up here in new England you can get 3 inches in a passing snow shower. when we were teens we couldn't wait for the snow to go out and do donuts all over town and in every parking lot. plus us up north welder/ fabricators make a few dollars repairing broken snow equipment.


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                    We live in snow country, eastern Washington state. We've had a really mild winter so far, but we got about 6" of snow day before yesterday. I have a quadrunner with a blade so no big deal. 6" of snow doesn't even make the news.

                    I've noticed that it always takes a snow event to clear out the drivers that shouldn't be out driving. We have a high number of crashes after or during the first snow event every winter.. Then people either park the Chebby, or get better tires, slow down, and wise up. I don't fret about driving in the snow, I do fret about other drivers that have bald tires, no insurance, and no idea how to drive.