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looking to buy a used 130xp

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  • looking to buy a used 130xp

    Sometime in the next year or two or five I am planning on replacing some sheet metal on my classic car (1967 El Camino). I've been watching craigslist and came across a good deal. What are some things to check for when buying a used welder? Did all the 130s come ready to hook up to gas? After some searching it seems like there are / were issues with the drive rollers. Is that an easy fix?

    Thank you

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    This page from the 2001 catalog says it includes the gas solenoid and as of Feb 2001 the regulator and gas hose so I suppose the only one that knows for sure would be the original owner.
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      Look for signs of abuse. Make sure the sheath of mig gun is in good shape, look for tight lugs for the ground clamp and gun lead. Inquire about what the PO used it for and have them estimate how much wire they ran through it. It will likely be completely off but it gives you an idea of how it was treated. I would definitely strike and arc and see how it runs. Do the knobs work to adjust wfs and voltage?

      I would also consider a mm140 if you can find one for a good used price. Also, I think the drive rollers are on back order right now but miller is working on getting them back into production and probably will by the time that you purchase your welder.
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        Look at buying somthing else, no parts available for this one


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          Originally posted by cruizer View Post
          Look at buying somthing else, no parts available for this one
          Oh that is good to know. Thank you.


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            according to this thread-

            Miller states part is now available.


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              The XP is a breakdown waiting to happen, handy for a small boat anchor though

              A Lincoln 125, and above is something to look at too