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    I own a MM175 and would like to know if anyone knows about CONVERTING it, or any other DC arc welder, to a TIG welder by adding an air-cooled torch, Argon reg/flow meter, and tank ? It will be restricted to welding steel, stainless and scratch starts with a copper strike plate. Will I have to use an SGA 100 ? Or can I connect a DB 17v122 or DB 1712 RDI directly to my MM175 ? Would using the MM175 void my warranty ? I plan on occasionally TIG welding 4130 steel tubing. Thank you for your responses.
    ===> Erich

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    Welcome! It is possible to tig with some CV MIG machines providing the OCV (open circuit voltage) is high enough. I don't think the MM175 meets this requirement.

    You can directly attach a dry tig torch for scratch start to most any DC CC stick welder and add argon for shielding. IE: The Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC or Lincoln AC/DC 225.

    Good Luck


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      ERICH...........Welcome Aboard.....It will not work well at all.....The difference between constant current and constant voltage is just that.........Typically cc machine's have 70-90 open circuit volts...........constant voltage machines have 29-45 ocv.........

      Enjoy the site...........Rock..
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        DC Conversion Part 2

        DC Conversion

        Thanks Rock and Hawk for your educating replies. As a result, I have sold, at a loss, my Miller MM 175 to a co-worker. I have recently purchased an ESAB MultiMaster 160 Mig/Tig/Stick welder ( ) for the price of a Miller Econotig AC/DC Tig welder. Space is very limited in my garage for both my equipment and projects I work on. Along with my Smith Toughcut Series Oxy/Acetylene ( 70 cuft/55 cuft ) setup, and air compressor/air tools, I consider my "WORKSHOP" complete. Thanks.
        ===> Erich


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          Congratulations on your purchase: ESAB is a good machine. Let us know how it performs and how you like tigging.

          Good Luck!