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Maxstar 200 SD problem

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  • Maxstar 200 SD problem

    Bought a used 200 SD to repair. Looking for the Tech Manual to perform the pre-power checks. This is a 2006 model (LG*) S/N. all original.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Take to a tech shop, if you have zero understanding of the theory on how that thing works, best either chuck it or take it in. You won't be able to fix it, and just may DIE trying. I know these things inside and out, and I still get scared of them.

    I fix welders for a living.


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      I have been an electronic technician since '74 repairing HV supplies, inverters, switching, and direct transformer supplies in the USAF. I assure you that I am qualified to fix and troubleshoot this unit. Just looking for the pre-checks to make sure that the repairs I intend to make are in line with the specs. I appreciate your concern that this is a dangerous undertaking for anyone. I have a full shop of electronic test equipment and can send pics to prove it if you need me to.

      Just asking for a little help.


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        As do I, as I was fixing aircraft avionics before this welder gig, /i also repair boards but not this one. Whats the error code


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          I'm afraid there is no display at the moment. When I opened it up there was supply voltage through the breaker to the power board. The power board had a defective cap so far that has been ordered which should be in any day now. I haven't seen any components that are fried or at least none that have released the magic smoke. I understand that there are new replacement part numbers for nearly all of the boards in this model. Does that mean if any are replaced that the same goes for the rest? That could get expensive in a hurry....


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            Well, it's going to need a power interconnect board, and the mod, that should take care of the problem. Obviously that the mod (pre regulator) is cooked and spiked the cap, cause caps just don't blow up by themselves. If you replace the cap and get a new mod, your probably going to that mod out again. Most likely the unit was hookedup wrong.


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              Thanks, That is what I suspected.

              Understood. I definitely plan on checking all of the components prior to replacing anything, I just ordered the cap because it was obviously fried.

              Do you have a schematic of the power interconnect board that you can share? I would like to check all the surrounding components.

              Do you think there a chance of getting the same p/n power board? I can only find the superseded part numbers. Can you mix the original boards with the superseded boards?


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                Miller doesn't like me handing out that technical information, more because we techs spend countless thousands of dollars training. As for the interconnect board, its the same throughout the years, They tend to upgrade problematic parts, thus different part numbers


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                  Thanks for your time Cruizer I will check in when I get further along on this beast. Do you have any recommendations on parts suppliers? I have shopped around and so far Miller4Less seems to be the most reasonable.